HomeHero Caregiver / Android Consultant / Nov. '15 – Nov. '16

HomeHero connects in-home care providers with seniors who could use a little extra help in their day to day lives. Care providers use the Home Hero app to retrieve their schedule and log records of their shifts.

What I built

End to end development of the HomeHero Android application for in-home care givers including:

  • Audio recording and photo capture
  • Offline support and resillience with poor network connectivity
  • Geofencing notifications to alert care providers if they forgot to end their care shift before departing

The story

The app was initially released for iOS only, but the need to be cross platform quickly became clear when Home Hero found that many care providers used an Android phone as their primary mobile device. 

I worked with the Home Hero team to bring the existing iOS experience to Android and leveraged Google’s Material Design patterns to create an application that remained true to the the company’s brand aesthetic while still being an experience where Android users felt at home. 

To speed up development and reduce bugs the app is entirely written in Kotlin and the first version of Home Hero Android app for care providers was completed in 2 months. Over the course of the following year I continued to work on additional features and improvements to the app.

What I built it with

  • Kotlin
  • Retrofit & GSON
  • Picasso
  • Espresso, Robolectric, JUnit