Booyah / Android & iOS Developer / Jan. '11 – Jul. '11

BOOYAH was a gaming company that developed mobile games for iOS and Android. Their hit titles included DJ Rivals and Early Bird. 

DJ Rivals

Hired as the second Android engineer on the team, my first few months were dedicated to helping ship DJ Rivals on Android. DJ Rivals is like Guitar Hero but with turntables. You tap to the beat of the song and scratch a record. After you defeat enough DJs at each location, you become the boss to  beat. I worked on the UI for managing equipment and moves. These could be won or bought using in app purchases.

Early Bird

After the launch of DJ Rivals, the company shifted all engineering efforts to new iOS games. I worked on Early Bird, where the player had to fling a bird towards a target while avoiding obstacles. The fewer the swipes, the higher your score. I was tasked with building the game logic for various traps, such as the springy flowers, bouncy bugs, spiky thorns, and the annoying windmill to name a few. Some were used to your advantage while others were designed to get in your way.

What I built it with

  • Java
  • Obj-C & Obj-C++
  • Cocos2D
  • Native UI for non-gameplay interface