Before focusing on mobile apps I spent about 6 years working with web technology at various companies. I spent a lot of time with Flash and ActionScript but also worked with more standard front end web technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. I've even made a few installations using Processing.


Odopod / Developer / Nov. '09 – Dec. '10

Odopod is a digital agency known for its legacy in creative digital marketing. Highly polished and immersive web experiences made this shop the go to place for exciting things on the web. I remember seeing "White Gold" and "Nvidia Speak Visual" thinking "I need to work with these people." With a little bit of luck, my first job on the west coast was here. I worked predominantly in Flash and ActionScript as well as some HTML and Javascript.

I worked on YouTube, Sony Style, and Ford Motor Company to name a few.



Red Tettemer / Developer / May '06 – May '09

Red Tettemer is a brand advertising agency that not only had a  massive traditional offering (print, audio, video) but also offered digital services before it was all the rage. They were my earliest employer and offered a ton of flexibility to explore both technically and creatively. I worked on promotional Flash and HTML websites, online gaming, feature phone skinning OS skinning, interactive installations, and motion graphics video.

I worked on TuB Gin, Ska Brewing Company, kajeet mobile, uwishunu, The Franklin Institude, PBS Sprout, and Paine's Park Project and a bunch of others.



Freelance / Developer / Nov. '05 – Aug. '09

Straight out of college I worked with local small businesses and artists to create websites, printed materials, and animations. I also consulted over the years, helping business fix or find solutions to their particular problem. Sometimes being in house was the most effective way to get things done so I've also done 3-6 month stints at some digital agencies.

I worked with Teak, Well Fed, and P'unk Ave and others.