Hipster / Android & iOS Tech Lead / Jul. '11 – Mar. '12

Hipster turned your photos into shareable postcards by combining filters and effects with location information.

What I built

Finished iOS app and end to end development of the Android application, bothincluded:

  • Image filters
  • Text and graphic overlays for photos
  • Location aware content
  • Custom photo capture
  • Social media sharing
  • Photo feed

The story

When I first joined Hipster I was tasked with taking over the development of their iOS app from an outsourced development team. I stabilized and polished the iOS app’s existing features and fully implemented the photo filters using OpenGL shaders. 

With the iOS app in a good place, I devoted half my time to build the Android app from the ground up. I translated the existing iOS app’s design to fit with the visual language of Android and reused the same techniques and OpenGL shaders to develop the photo filters. However, the various hardware differences between camera hardware on Android phones made the Android app particularly challenging compared to iOS. 

What I built it with

  • Obj-C & Java
  • OpenGL Shaders
  • AVFoundation